About Us

The Phluid Project, founded by Robert Garett Smith, launched in March, 2018—in NYC and online—to make gender-free apparel and accessories available worldwide. We joined a movement committed to challenging the ethos of dated traditions that inhibit freedom and self-expression, embarking on a mission to improve humanity through not only fashion, but also community outreach, activism, and education.

We strive to amplify the rising voice of today’s youth, which rejects binary gender norms, and favors an inclusive world that allows individuals to wear what makes them feel good—that is, what best reflects who they really are inside.

Partnering exclusively with brands whose products celebrate the non-binary, we’re working to infuse the world with more empathy, equity, and compassion, to give all people a chance to explore and express their truest selves without fear, judgment, or the limits of traditional gender identification.