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Beyond Queer Fashion

“The style is all about identity and unfettered self-expression,” said Rob Smith, the founder of the Phluid Project, an outpost of gender-neutral fashion in Lower Manhattan. “At the same time it’s a political statement, a symbol of resistance against a repressive government. It’s a way of stating, ‘I’m going to push back.’”

A scattering of designers are invoking — and denying — the label to assert their identities and ours. - The New York Times

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The Phluid Project Is Leading the Genderless Fashion Revolution

"And that’s what’s most reassuring about this special little SoHo shop. You can stop in at any point during the year and, as a queer person, feel just as catered to as many other retailers only make you feel during the month of June. It’s one of the few places that celebrates our community without feeling exploitative or overly capitalistic; in that sense, it’s a brand that truly puts its money where its mouth is. It’s unfortunately all too rare, and given the store’s rapid rise in popularity, it’s clear that there’s been a need for a space like this for a while."

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This Gender Neutral Store Aims to Create A Safe Place for its Consumer

"And the message is consistent: Phluid’s social code, which asks everyone to 'enter [this] space with an open heart'” has been blown up and plastered on the store's back wall, a resource page on the website has links to trans lifelines and resources for LGBTQ+ parents, and the store's coffee shop provides space for panels and discussions about gender and sexuality."

Phluid is a store like no other. - Teen Vogue

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