Phluid City


Phluid City is a hybrid platform & service that activates experiences for anyone, anywhere and on any device. The platform requires no headgear, no app downloads and is mobile accessible. The hybrid services unify digital, physical & virtual experiences, assets & audience via social media and safe accessible virtual spaces.

A place for individuals from all over the world to come together and participate, to be a part of an extraordinary space where Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging are truly a reality. The intersection of community, fashion, education and activism where humans who identify as LGBTQ+, allies, colleges and families can unite in safety. We are creating a safe and affirming space for companies to authentically connect with their existing and prospective consumer and their employees.

Phluid City Opportunities 

Phluid City hosted a kick off event in March for International Trans Day of Visibility with Strands for Trans and our corporate sponsor IGK with great success! Users spent on average 26 Minutes in Phluid City, compared to the average 5-9 minutes for digital events. +85% of users agreed that Phluid City was a safespace for the community! 

We're able to provide entertainment services and virtual event hosting in thee metaverse to aid in curating digital safe spaces for Pride events, social events, panel discussions, and much more. We're able to host live music shows with DJ sets, as well as team meetings and fashion shows! 


Within any and all activations there will be opportunities to create a one-of-a-kind virtual branded pop-up experience to allow your customers to interact in a digital safe space anywhere in the world. From your pop up everyone will be able to see your current campaigns, interact with your team and even make digital purchase of real-life products as well as virtual fragrances, skincare, beauty, apparel, etc.


For any questions or queries, please email to get started on creating your digital safe space!