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There Are Still Good People: Permanent Hoodie

Just wanted to remind you that pain is relative. It doesn't matter how much money you have or how beautiful you look, everyone carries pain. It's all relative, our struggles and our emotions. They belong to each of us and they're always valid.
It's never been about the clothes, its just that designing stuff is the only thing I feel okay at. This whole brand in just an attempt to try and create something meaningful to someone. It's about giving people a reason to stick around long enough to see the good days. Something to make them want to go and meet the good people that are out there. Constantly reminding those who need to hear it that staying is the better option. That they're not alone.
I want to make something that lets people feel the way I wished I could've, hear the things I needed to, when the days were so fucking dark.
Wash in cold water, tumble dry
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