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The Phluid Project 

Provocative, disruptive, anarchic—terms we’d maybe use if we were out here competing against, say, murky tech startups whose identities lie more in code than in cunning brandspeak. But let’s be real: We’re a non-binary clothing store, and on an island of our own. 

The Phluid Project, founded by Rob Garett Smith, launched in March of 2018 in NYC and online for access worldwide as a gender free fashion brand. We joined a movement of humans committed to challenging the ethos of traditions past that inhibit freedom and self expression. Our world is grounded in purpose and humanity through fashion, community, activism and education. The rising voice of today’s youth reject gender binaries and desire an all encompassing space, both physically and virtually, that allows us to wear what makes us feel good and express ourselves with freedom and authenticity.

We offer both brick-and-mortar and online spaces of empathy, empowerment, equity and respect, but, more than anything, really fine products—all chosen for their celebration of the non-binary and the inclusive.

The vision? Give folks a chance to explore and express their truest selves—without fear, judgment, or the limits of traditional gender identification. 


The Phluid Phoundation

We’ve also got a nonprofit. The Phluid Foundation supports LGBTQIA+ communities by offering various programs, resources, and services designed to create and develop LBGTQIA+-affirming organizations, as well as positive social change on the whole. 

Through advocacy and education, we focus our efforts on those who are most vulnerable in our communities—namely, transgender women of color, and homeless queer youth. 

The Phluid Phoundation strives for positive social change through donations to LGBTQ organizations, advocacy, education, and cultural awareness, that assist in the creation, development, and growth of LGBTQ-affirming organizations, institutions, and culture within the community at large.

We've worked with The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, Homeless Black Trans Women's Fund, No Justice No Pride, For the Gworls, BTFA Collective, Indya Moore COVID-19 Relief Fund, The Ali Forney Center, The Hetrick-Martin Institute, and The LGBTQ Center to name a few.


Partner with Phluid

As brands look to enter our space, The Phluid Project offers the opportunity to enter with respect, intention, integrity, gaining honest feedback and full representation from our community as we look ahead toward the future. Partner with us to 
  1. Participate in curated focus groups
  2. Identify market opportunities from a unique perspectives
  3. Leverage our ambassadors and community to engage in product creation and promotion
  4. Create authentic endorsements that will drive engagement
For more information, email us at



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