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Romance, pleasure, and play have always found themselves in my personal journey as a non-binary person. And most of the time, if not all the time, it revolved around the garments I wore. The pieces that made me come alive, test myself sartorially, made me realize my humanity.
This is why I created And Our. A label dedicated to those romantic, pleasurable, and playful moments as Queer people. 
The design principles of the studio encapsulate a variety of specialty fabrics adorned in often geometric and body conscious ways. Every collection inspiration are centered around a non-binary and Queer experience.
Each piece is ethically constructed at our partner factory in Jiangmen, China. I completely understand your concerns around garment construction in China. I encourage you to read the People + Supply Chain page to understand my high standards when it comes to labor in China. Our partners in the region have been selected time and time again as one of the most ethical garment factories in the region. With a 10+ year retention rate, their ethics when it comes to people is what I wanted And Our to align itself with.

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