The Phluid Project Pivots To Retail Pop-Ups In Gender-Free Campaign

Going beyond gender binaries might not mean much to the average shopper. But to those who have frequented The Phluid Project’s store in New York City, or its online site, it means everything.

CEO and founder Rob Smith entered the gender-free space just two years ago when he opened his first (and only) store in NoHo, New York. For him, retail was a way of having a conversation about a marginalized section of society—and it has brought him a fiercely loyal following from the LGBTQ, and wider, communities.

Experiential retail—as touted by many large corporations today—was central to The Phluid Project from the moment the 6,000 square foot shop swung open its doors in March 2018. The difference was that its concept brought more authentic and meaningful experiences to its users.

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